Last night En and I went out to the Walk the Moon show down at the Showbox. Family of the Year was the opening act.

We stopped by the Green Room bar next to (in?) the Showbox for a couple of drinks and due to that we we able to get into the venue before the line sitters for the sold out show.

I enjoyed FoY just fine. They had fun. They are a good band. Their songs all sounded like different songs. I like them. I had fun.

Then the headliner showed up on stage. And so did the douchebags who decided that they will force their way to the front. Fuck ’em. Pushing me is like pushing a wall.

Of course the band either sucked or they were improperly mixed. All the songs sounded the same. They sounded nothing like they do on the radio — which isn’t a bad thing necessarily — but all their songs sounded the same. Even with the same beats for half the songs.

– = –

Today The End had a day with playing back-to-back songs from the same artist. Walk the Moon was played. Their songs sounded just the same. Meh. A band needs a certain range to keep my interest.

– = –

We left early to get out of the douchbaggery and mediocre music.