The community around Green Lake here in Seattle collaborates to make a night out in the holiday season. Volunteers put up thousands of luminaries flanking the path that goes around the lake. Visitors are invited to decorate themselves while listening to music in various venues around the lake. (Of course if the spirit moves you can can carol yourself as long as you don’t make a nuisance of yourself)

These are some pictures I took.

Click any of the pictures for a bigger view of them.

Excuse any blur; these were taken handhand at ISO 5000 with an image stabilizing lens. Even with the help, these are the best of perhaps half a dozen attempts at each of them. :-)

No flash was used for any of these.

One of the cool thing about Seattle is that there is a tremendous population density compared to what we were used to before. The path was full of people even though the event had officially ended by the time we arrived. It’s fun how the neighborhood embraces its surroundings so much. It makes me happy.