After a bit of delay, here is the final set of the W8DFL QSL cards. These are the final ones from a set of three postcard display sleeves that En happened upon at her uncle Bill’s house.

There are some interesting ones in the last batch, as though karma was saving up a bit of the fun for the last go-around.

I’ll start with the oddest and scariest one of the batch:

Eniwetok Atoll, as history buffs will tell you (as will the card), was the location of 46 (!!!!!!) nuclear tests. The poor atoll was pretty much all blown up. This one was sent from someone what was running the LORAN station there — LORAN provided navigation aids well before the development of GPS. It was operational up to 2010 in fact.

This is an odd one. I think this is the only card that was a QSO from the air. Somewhere near the Bahama Islands. Honestly I don’t even know how to tally this one up! Bernie is from New York, but he was flying from the Netherland Antilles, and was over the Bahamas. Go figure. :-)

I’ll toss this in for the iconic Kiwi bird. No reason other than that. And I’m OK with that.

Another one that’s just plain cool. How can Moai not be cool? Another interesting curiosity is that while CE0 is (and always has been) Chile, Easter Island is now CE0Y — which isn’t what this card is. Lots have changed in the past 42 years.

Another that means something to me:

This one is from Hungary just a few years before my time. Pécs is in Southwest Hungary. I’ve never been to that city there (yet), but it’s a place that seems to come up often enough in the stories I’ve heard. A cool fact is the building that’s prominent on the card is a mosque! Who’da thunk?

I’ll leave it off with a card from a country that doesn’t exist any more — or not as it has before:

OQ is in the range of what is now Belgium. This makes sense, of course, since it’s the Belgian Congo we’re talking about. Around nine months after this QSO happened Belgium relinquished control of the Congo and the call signs turned into TN prefixes.

– = –

CE0AE Easter Island Apr 14, 1970 15 SSB Chile
CE4FH Chili Fundo San Ramon Jan 28, 1962 10 Fone
EL7B Liberua Monrovia Oct 16, 1970 15 SSB
F3ZM DL5BB France Nancy Feb 22, 1970 10 SSB
G3QV England Unsworth, Bury Aug 25, 1967 20 SSB
HA3MB Hungary Pécs Mar 21, 1970 10 SSB
HB9JB Switzerland Thurgau Jan 2, 1959 10 Fone
I4LCK Italy Apr 6, 1968 20 Fone
JA1AAT Japan Ohiba, Chiba Nov 25, 1959 10 Fone
KG6SL Mariana Islands Saipan Mar 5, 1972 10 SSB
KZ6CG Marshall Islands Eniwtok Atoll Nov 9, 1958 10 Fone
LU7AAC Argentina Buenos Aires Oct 14, 1970 40 SSB
OE2WK Austria Salzburg Post card, no stamp
OE2WR Austria Salzburg Apr 12, 1972 15 SSB
OE3ZDB Austria Klosterneuburg Jul 3, 1973 15 SSB
OQ5JR Belgian Congo Shinkolobwe Sep 19, 1959 10 Fone
VE1UN Canada Yarmouth, NS Blank
VK3JW VK3ANV Australia Bairnsdale, Victoria Jun 16, 1969 20 Fone
W2VIA Bahama Islands Feb 1, 1970 15 SSB Maritime, Airplane
W8DLF VP2LA (Never mailed) Jan 28, 1962 10 AM Gathering cards for DXCC
ZL1GH New Zealand Auckland Mar 3, 1959 10 Fone

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– = –

More analysis to follow!