At the risk of sounding like a nut I will say that I ordered a gun last night.

With the talk of banning the sale of “assault weapons” I wanted to get one while I still could.

Why? George, why do you need a rifle? An assault rifle?

Because I want one. Do I need a better excuse? I have lots of things I don’t need. Do I need a 200MHz oscilloscope? No. (No, I haven’t purchased it yet. The gun trumped it since the likelihood of the oscilloscope being banned is lower) Do I need the Sonos? No. Hell, at this point I barely need a car. My life is full of things that are not essential to my survival.

I have a small collection of guns like that used by the US military over time. I have a 1911 pistol and the Beretta that replaced it. I have a .30 carbine that was like that used by rear echelon troops in WWII (it was manufactured after the war and not an issued rifle though). I still need a M1 Garand to complete that set.


Because. That’s all the reason I need in my opinion.

What will a ban do if that comes to pass? It will prevent me from buying a gun. It will not prevent a criminal from getting one. All you have to do is look at Chicago and Washington D.C. which have bans already — crime, if anything has gone up. All it does is punish people who already follow the laws. Posting speed limits doesn’t keep people from speeding.

I am not a criminal. If the law was in force I wouldn’t be able to get it, nor would I break the law to do so. If, on the other hand, I really wanted to get one and didn’t mind breaking the law (probably because I was planning on breaking more laws) I would be able to get one with few problems. Drugs, for the most part, are illegal already but that doesn’t stop people from getting them, right?

– = –

So, all that being said, I ordered one of the last AR-15s that had in stock. After I ordered it the stock status went from “In stock” to “Out of stock.” It wasn’t too gouge-y either.

There is a chance that if I hadn’t pulled the proverbial trigger that I would never be able to have one ever. That’s a long time.