This is going to be the first Christmas that I spend away from most of my family. Of course I have my lovely En with me here and we’re together… but for both of us this is going to be a far away thing.

With En’s new job she only has two days off at this point. With plane tickets home being as expensive as they are we both decided that it’s not worth the cost and travel time to spend what would amount to two days home. This year we’ll have to make due with FaceTime and the like.

Now it’s commonly known that I’m not a god person — far from it in fact — but this time of year is still something cool for me. We have our tree up that we carried back from the tree lot a few blocks from us.

We have presents around the tree. Ennie’s in the kitchen making some delish pastries. :-)

Next year we’ll definitely be back in town, but for now we have to make it with what we have: each other.