We have successfully circumnavigated good old Sol once again; the odometer on the planet increments once again. While it doesn’t really count for much in the reality of our existence we as a people look at that odometer. Much like our age is a continuum but we celebrate integers, we celebrate tonight the integer that will mark the start of 2013.

2012 has been an active one for me and En.

That is probably an understatement — one of the biggest ones I’ve made.

2012 has been life changing.

I started 2012 at a job I had been at for just a few weeks. For first third of the year was set on course — the same course and trajectory it had been on before. The course had been set long ago; it had been set around 1994 when I started at C3, “Cyberspace Construction Company,” and it had been idly plodding along since. Sure there were some interesting times in between, but it was going on its path like ever before.

In April I got the call that changed things. One can argue that this is the same trajectory. Or not. I’ll leave that to history I suppose. In April I got a call from Amazon.

By mid May I had packed a car full of stuff — and a trailer I dragged behind me — and left Solon for Seattle. Ennie followed a few days later after supervising the packers (not the football team) fill a truck with all of our worldly possessions. All except the house of course. Ennie and the kitties hopped on a plane to Seatac.

We landed into a one bedroom apartment in Belltown overlooking the Sound. Time passing was marked by the sound of trains under the window. The kitties and I grew to ignore it. Ennie: not so much.

In late May, while walking on a beach on the Pacific Ocean, we got a call from our realtor in Cleveland. The house, she said, had an offer. Selling the house for less than we paid was a bitter pill to swallow, but it freed up cash for buying a house here. Shortly after that we made offers on two houses. On one we were outbid. I’m writing from the other one.

I started at Amazon on May 14th. The team I’m on was new and tiny then. We’re growing now — with all the growing pains you get in that state.

We closed on the house on June 26th and moved in on the 28th.

For the first time both of use are in a new environment.

The rest of the year was a process of adjustment. A process that included Ennie finding a new job. After some angst-filled months she found a great one working for a radio station — actually four of them.

I left many good friends in Cleveland. I miss them every day. Time zones conspire to get in the way of calling sometimes… I know I need to make more of an effort. I struggle with that every day. Along those lines I’m still looking for a suitable disco ball for the house. I made a promise I intend to keep.

Standing at the election party downtown I still remember watching Dan Savage dance with his husband on stage when we called the prop 74 issue. The cheers!

Thanksgiving and Christmas was odd being so far away from everyone. Next year we’ll have vacation time.

We survived the Mayan apocalypse.

Tonight we’ll watch fireworks at the Space Needle from En’s 16th floor deck to ring in the new integer that will be 2013.

To 2013: May it be a bit less “exciting!”