OK, I’m sure I’m quite a bit late with this. Ennie and I were in a restaurant tonight for some dinner and a commercial for the prequel to “Sex and the City” hits the TV.

First off, I have to get over the “WTF?” reaction I had. (Apparently this was announced in September 2011 so, like I said, I’m a bit late)

But this isn’t about the show. It’s more about the aspect of sex.

We, as Americans — an more broadly humans for the most part, are obsessed with sex and sexuality. We as Americans can’t really talk about it though. We can consume media about sex but the notion that anyone is actually doing the grownup (a shoutout to Sandra!) is treading on thin ice.

There is a pent-up demand for this. If you look at the consumption of pornography in the United States the amount of cash spent is phenomenal. But this is only one small aspect of this. If you look more broadly at erotica, you can get into the romance novels that that have been popular for as long as books have been around.

Moving to the present day, one has to look no further than the “50 Shades of Grey” that hit the NY Times best seller list.

People want to talk about sex. We seem to have a need to talk about it using a proxy. We need a movie or book to discuss. We need to have “a friend” for whom we are buying a toy for.

– = –

The thing is that people are starting to talk about sex. We, as a culture, are taking the first tentative steps to free ourselves of our self-imposed bounds and are starting to talk — at least in a third-person sense — of our sexy bondage. (I don’t want to use the term “self imposed bondage” because doing that is actually quite dangerous and many folks have been killed accidentally in such pursuits)

I, for one, am all for throwing off our puritanical shackles and substituting in real ones. For “my friend” of course.