Back in Cleveland Ennie and I would make a weekly (or so) trip to the range for some fun gun time. We had our guys down at Stonewall that we got to be friends with. We got to know some of the regulars. Good times.

After we moved to Seattle we found ourselves with guns but nowhere really to shoot them. Such a shame.

We started to look around for some indoor ranges that we could visit during the long winter nights and we found one that we seem to really like: West Coast Armory. The place is super clean and there are plenty of lanes that we could use broken up into a bunch of smaller rooms. The only downside is that we can’t shoot cast lead ammunition which we positively have bunches of. But that’s not a huge concern since I already have a big (like warn-the-mailman big) order of jacketed bullets on its way from Montana Gold.

We  do want to join an outdoor range too — but for pistol work you really can’t beat an indoor range with target carriers, good lighting and the rest of the amenities that come with something like this.