This follows on the recent series of self-reflective posts.

All of us have quirks. Well, the interesting among us at least have quirks. By quirk I’m talking about generally benign behaviors, interests, hobbies, activities, or predilections that the “normal” person doesn’t have. There is no “normal” person though, so you shouldn’t look for them. In this case normal is what you get when you average all 7 billion of us together into one boring entity.

Society likes to get people to match the current “normal” because it’s easy to figure people out that way. People, in response, tend to want to suppress those quirks that make them them.

I’m realizing that the more I embrace the quirks, the happier I wind up being a happier, better version of myself. The more I try to suppress, the more ornery I become to myself and those who are around me.

The issue arises when the quirks affect people around me. I can be “expected” and ornery, or be more me and somewhat disappointing to them. It’s a balancing act. Ornery, I figure, is was worse than minorly disappointing.

I think being the best version of me that I can be raises everyone around me up. Conforming, conversely, tends to pull everyone else down by with my general malaise.