Quick one today.

At work (nothing confidential here in case you’re looking Amazon!) we have some shredding bins.

They come with “security.”

Look closer:

So, the so called “Secur Shield” is held on by some square-drive screws. It’s not even some non-obvious screw. Hell, even a Torx would likely be better — it’s harder to jab a slotted screwdriver into it. I can go downstairs and I have a dozen bits that would fit perfectly.


Well, maybe that’s why they spelled it wrong.

– = –

Now, I have to say I work in a well secured building on a secure floor so I’m not worried about this bin. I’m more annoyed about the security theater that goes into things like this. Is it actually more secure? No, not really. Is the lock that it’s protecting secure? Probably not. The entire bin is nothing more than a collection of MDF boards if they’re lucky. It might be OSB if Shred-It cheaped out.

Start looking at things with a critical eye. It starts to get easy to spot situations where it’s just a game that’s being played on the observer.