It’s interesting when you start out a relationship online to meet someone for the first time. Even though you could be hitting it off on the computer it might not work in person. Of course the opposite can be true too, but you’re less likely to find that out.

Then change from meeting folks just organically has morphed to having this extra layer of filtering. This is even beyond the typical dating web site, but other aspects of interaction. Think something like where you have people getting together based on similar interests. This, 10 years ago, was very much different than now.

In many ways it’s easier to meet people now than it was before — but it’s also harder as well since the extra layers are put in the way.

Of course I’m not complaining since in general I’m stupid-shy and it’s a lot easier for me online. It just seems less threatening. Besides, with the prosopagnsia I’m a lot better with email addresses than faces anyway.  :-)