Ennie and I just got home from a night where we were going to meet up with some folks, but it seems that most of the people we were meeting didn’t show up.

We sat at the bar talking about a couple of recent episodes of This American Life. They had a rare two-part episode talking about gang violence in a specific (though not unique) South Chicago high school, Harper High School. It’s a good set of episodes, it’s worth a listen to both part 1 and part 2.

Much of the talk in the show, and in our conversation, was about guns.

– = –

As were rode the bus home the conversation morphed into politics.

The question was posed: “Would you give up your rights to bear arms or the rights to women voting?” The classic left vs. right argument. The left wants to suck at the teat of government relying on it for everything including personal protection. The right wants to enforce a moral code wherein in many ways women (and many other folks) are second-class citizens and the government controls you.

Fuck both of them.

We are in America. To be horse-trading our rights is as absurd a situation as I could contrive in this country.