Almost every day I take a walk over my lunch break. I’ve found a nice walk starting from my office (duh) up the hill on Belmont Avenue to Broadway — right in the heart of Capitol Hill — and down Denny back to my office.

The forecast, yesterday, was for some good weather so I brought along my camera and lenses.

The first thing is highly unimpressive looking.


The kind that lift stuff.

Why is it impressive?

These two, honestly, are not interesting. It’s the shear number of them around the city. On my walk I pass by at least five of them. On my bus ride home I pass another three. Looking around at any given time I can easily pick out a dozen.

The city is alive and growing. It has a vitality that I don’t see often.

It’s exciting.

Then I walk up the bridge over I-5 on Lakeview Boulevard. The view over Lake Union is amazing.

Please click on that up there and explore. It’s pretty. The houseboats on the water on the East side, the Aurora Bridge I go over twice a day every day. You can even see my office if you really know where to look. Too bad I don’t have a seaplane in the mix!

Across the bridge over I-5 there are some apartments. There’s some beautiful trees living out front that are in full bloom right now. It smells as good as it looks!

Near the summit of Belmont there’s a tree with what looks like roses all over it. Maybe En knows what they are.


A cute pooch was looking at me from above Twice Sold Tales on Denny on my way back.


As I walked down the hill I spied this iconic shot of the Space Needle in front of the Olympic mountains.

The city just doesn’t get old.

Making my way back to the office walking under these sweet smelling trees makes me smile.

Even my office is green! Here in the Rufus building we have our own Rufuses! Rufus was the first dog at Amazon. That little corgi pushed the button on many of the first production deployments! Now he has a building named after him complete with some growing sculptures!

The building has been overrun by the corgis!

All in a day’s walk.