I have a penchant for wanting speed in my networking. Even 54Mbps from the wireless isn’t enough to keep me sated.

When we bought the house we were told that “the house has good bones.”

Today I made some holes in them bones.

Here I’m drilling down through the footer in the office. I was hoping that I would not have a repeat of the Solon debacle where I drilled out the outside wall. In today’s case that might mean drilling out the roof or into the family room itself. Neither option would be a good one.

Thankfully, after drilling through the footer and two other horizontal pieces of wood I managed to make it down to the family room.

It took a long, long drill to get the job done.

In the end I managed to get fish tape through the hole and pull up some ethernet.

At this point I think I have something jibbered up in this since I don’t have it negotiating up to gigabit, only 100M. Grr… try to re-terminate I suppose…


I re-terminated both ends and now things are working as expected. I think I was trying to be too tricky with trying to maintain the twist as much as possible. When I stopped trying to do that things started to work a whole lot better.

Once that was worked out I needed to reconfigure my wireless network so I’m no longer extending the network with my AirPort Extreme but rather just making WiFi that’s bridged off the Gigabit connection it has to the router down in the family room.

Maybe if I feel the urge I’ll do a proper punchdown block in the basement instead of having a switch in the family room… meh. Not now.  :-)