A long while back I was really into cars. I remember picking up my Audi back in December 2001 thinking that this is a car. I was quite proud of that beast… one of the first Audi’s around; I got one before they were cool. :-P Took it to the track once and flogged the bejesus out of it. License plate: “MY SLACK.” Good times.

Well, it certainly is a car. It’s good car, though it’s really starting to show its age. A dozen winters in Cleveland will do that.

As much as I like cars, living in Seattle has changed me. At this point I get in the car a few times a week. The rest of the time I just bus it around.

In my advancing years, I’m starting to think of the daily driver as just that: the daily driver. For me it’s not even daily really. I’m thinking my next car will be something like a Subaru Outback or something. Cliché, I know. The standard-issue Seattle Outback, eh?

I still drool over fast cars. I just don’t really feel the need to have one at the moment. It’s strange to say though.

I do wich I could get the top-end one in stick…