As time is passing I’m starting to realize that this is really real. Well, obviously from an intellectual perspective I’ve know how things since the beginning… but I guess emotionally I’m just slow on the take-up.

A year ago Ennie and I just met with the real estate lady to sell the house in Solon. The hot tub was already in a sorry state of disassembly and we were planning our house-hunting trip.

A the same time I was, for the first real time, allowing myself to spread my wings a bit and letting more people into my life for real. The irony that it was only after I mentally switched to moving did things in Cleveland start to happen in other parts of my life and heart.

Stupid life.

What can you do I suppose. Waiting around typically doesn’t lead anywhere…

Maybe it’s related in a way though. The act of making a large decision upsets your mental model of the world. The mental model that constrains you to the world you know. Perhaps the simple act of breaking out of the box each of us has built ourselves is the thing that’s needed to experience the fullness of the world.