The bombing in Boston isn’t news any more. Nor is the fact that the asshole who did it has been caught. The good guys got the bad guy.

Now, the good guys are starting to act sketchy too.

First, what’s with not reading Miranda rights to an accused? This is stupid on so many levels it’s not even funny.

Ok, let’s play this out for a moment. Let’s say I just blew up a bomb somewhere and I have accomplices out there as well. I get my ass caught. What will either reading me my rights or not do about getting to any potential accomplices? The only thing it can do is cause inadmissible evidence to happen. Put yourself in the same situation. You are already up to your eyeballs in shit — shit that you caused yourself. Not only that, but you’re fucked up enough to do all that in the first place — that is you’re an extremist. Unless you offered me immunity or something, why the hell would I talk at all? Miranda or not, what’s the difference?

This is as messed up as the “we’ll pass a law so it makes crime go away” reverse bat-shit crazy argument that people use with guns. “Well, if we don’t Mirandize this motherfucker, that’ll teach him.”

Seriously? And that’s helping your cause in what way? Other than looking like an idiot for not being able to follow your own laws, does it make anything at all better?

Now, on top of that some GOP idiots want to classify him as an “enemy combatant.” Now this turns the dial from stupid to scary. Who, exactly, has the right to classify someone as an enemy combatant? As much of a worthless piece of shit that Tsarnaev is, he is protected by the same laws that protect me. If someone can decide he is “an enemy,” can’t you or I be classified in the same way. And this isn’t just the GOP, but it’s the sitting administration as well who have issued memos more or less to the same effect.

“Whoa!” you might say, “I didn’t kill anyone.”

So what. If all it takes is one person to decide you don’t need your rights, what it you piss off that one person. Or if that person isn’t a person but is a mob… does that mean we fall back to mob rule? No, of course not.

Now, I’m uncomfortable enough with idiots from Afghanistan being shipped to Guantanamo Bay labeled as “enemy combatants,” but to label a citizen that?

If we — Americans — expect to lead by example, what example are we setting? What is the aversion we seem to have towards due process of law that seems to get jettisoned as soon as we meet a bad guy?

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