After nearly a year in the house, we finally moved around the family room. What we had before was the TV under the window and the futon kinda-sort in the middle of the room.

What we’ve got now is the TV up against the same wall the previous folks had it against.

Now, other than the fact we have a mess where the futon used to hide. Now, all that crap is in the open…

In many ways though this is still an experiment. Before the TV would have been all the way to the left of the picture and the futon sat where the rocking chair is with Zoe atop it.

The long-term plan we think is to get a wall mount for the TV and some variety of shelving for the AV gear. Once we do that we’ll regain around 10-15 ft^2 of floor space.

Another thing I figure you’re thinking is: “The TV is right next to the stove! WTF? Do you want that thing to melt?”

I thought of that too.

The stove has no fan so we’re only dealing with convection — for the most part anyway. I hooked up a thermocouple to my multimeter a few months back to determine the heating from a foot or so away. The answer is: essentially none.

Now: to clean up where the futon was hiding!