All that’s left is the “what,” and “when” from the five W’s. How if you count the tacked on “H.” The stupid H feeling lonely and left out.

It’s easy — too easy — to be wherever you happen to be now. The “when” part of the equation. In fact people talk about living in the now like it’s something to strive for. It’s easy to say. Almost easy to do.

And in many ways just plain flawed.

Not that I’m good at following what I’m about to write, but acknowledging it is a step.

Don’t live in the now. Live in the who. Live in the where. Live in the what.

Know about the history of off of that. Look to the future and imagine the wonders that live beyond the horizon. Be there with the who doing something. You can’t help but be in the now — hell physics precludes anything else.

Why do whatever the hell you’re doing?

Why not? Is there a better reason?

Sometimes you might be saving the fucking world. Sometimes you’re just exploring each other’s company. Like one is better or worse than the other.

Enjoy. You go around this existence once as far as I know. Even it it’s a few times, it’s an infinity from the infinite. Make the most of it.



With someone. Doing something. Somewhere.

I don’t care why.

Just do.