While this might look like math, it’s not. It’s almost an equality.

Today, when I got home, En and I found a box on the front porch. (Ok, we found two boxes, but this is the one this post is about. The other box will find its home in another post)

The contents of the box were mostly memories from my mom. Pictures. Toys. All sorts of stuff.

It also had my dad’s wedding ring.

I tried it on and it fit like my own. Creepily the same.

Being one who does strange and unusual things I went and grabbed the micrometer.

My ring: 0.698″
Dad’s ring: 0.717″

0.019″ difference. A hair over 1/64th of an inch. Rounding error. 3%.

I guess that’s where I get my thin little fingers and wrists. (His watch fits me as well)

It’s odd to have my finger in the same ring and have it fit as well.