Another quick random post.

Sometimes quick and random is all you get — being my day might be full of doing stuff.

En managed to snag some rollerderby tickets from work — perks I suppose.

We’ve gone to a couple of Rat City Roller Girl matches in the past before and have always loved them. Love them long time.

– = –

So, what is roller derby?

Well, for the most part this is a girl sport. There do exist male roller derby teams but it seems like they are quite a bit away from the norm.

It’s played on roller skates. I won’t go over all the rules, but the short story is one team member, the jammer, needs to pass the blockers on the other team. The other team is trying to do the same thing.

It’s physical.

They get tired.

It looks like a blast.

– = –

If I were 15 years younger, and a woman, and I had any sense of balance then I would definitely be doing this. Unfortunately I seem to lack all prerequisites for the deal.

– = –

Today we won one bout against the Montreal Sexpos, and lost one against the London (as in UK) Brawlers.

It was a good set of games and I have trouble talking. :-)