This morning I woke up to the blog throwing an error 500.


I was able to ssh into the box and reboot and sure enough it started to work for a few minutes.

Then more 500 errors.

After a bit of investigation I was coming up blank. Eventually I realized that mysql wasn’t starting up. Odd. I tried to copy an example config over the /etc/my.conf and it errored out.

df finally came to the rescue — I was out of space.

Me futzing around with Mono ate up the disk space.

A bit of cleaning and growing and it’s now all under control again.

Now, to pimp Amazon AWS for a sec: the fact that I could just spin down my EC2 instance, take a snapshot of the drive, clone it onto a bigger virtual drive and attach it to the EC2 instance is just plain cool. By that point I was mostly done. I just had to expand the filesystem, but that’s a Linux thing.

Problem: solved.