I don’t really know if this is common or if it’s me… but when I leave work it’s really hard to leave work behind if I’m in the middle of troubleshooting something.

From Wellington Grey if I am getting my sources right – but the link doesn’t seem to work.

Today, for instance, I was at work dealing with late-breaking issues in our product. Not through lack of planning we found some interesting bugs and we need to re-architect bits of our system. Diving in though leaves me unable to dive back out.

Tonight I’m spending some time with a friend and even though we’re having fun, a have to force myself to stay in the moment and not think about work — not let it distract me. I did a reasonable job for the most part, but it’s work to not work — it just felt odd to even type that.

I’m not complaining about either the work or the play, but sometimes I wish I were able to keep them a bit more confined to their own corners.