I was talking to one of my buds at work and as the conversation was going I realized I have an awesome idea for an iPad app.

Now, I’m not going to blab too much on here… but it is interesting every once in a while when you get an idea that has, or at least might, have some legs.

Now, I might be lucky (or unlucky I suppose), but I have these ideas only so often. I’m not like Mr. Jobs where I leave a wake of ideas behind me. I get a decently good idea perhaps once or twice a year. Now I’m not talking about something like “oh, I think I’ll have Mexican tonight,” but more like something cool.

One idea, that wasn’t game changing for real, was how Gabe and I implemented Conway’s game of Life back in high school. It didn’t change the world, but it was a new idea.

If you get an idea, at least write it down. Look at it the next day. See how it might work. Then bust your ass to get it working before someone else has the same idea.