Communication is such an important aspect of relationships. The thing with communication is that there is both a talking (or otherwise initiating the communication) and the listening (or accepting the communication.

Both sides need to exist. If someone is talking but the counter party isn’t listening the the communication isn’t actually going on. Likewise if the talking doesn’t start.

The answer to so many of life’s problems is communication. I was in a group of folks that would get together every month to talk about stuff. The problem, as it presented itself, was that e answer to almost anything was “communicate more.” This drove the moderator nuts. You can’t just say communicate, but you have to get to how to communicate. Eventually she outlawed the word hoping to spur things in the right direction. The group, unfortunately, just substituted another word and kept talking. “All you need is panties.”

Naming notwithstanding, it really is all about talking to the people around you and making sure that those around you are on the same page with what is going on. It really does save so much heartache.