One of the things I really like about drinks — alcoholic drinks in particular — is the tradition, formality, and history that sometimes goes along with them.

Take the opening of a bottle of wine at a restaurant for instance. After you pick out a suitable bottle from the list the waiter brings out the bottle, presents it to you, uncorks it and places the cork in front of you, pours you a sip, you taste it and give it a sniff, then the lady gets her glass filled, then you. It’s a ritual in a way.

That’s just one aspect of it.

Other stuff, like a good Scotch, hasn’t changed fundamentally for a hundred years. Sure, different barrels are sometimes used now to keep up with changing tastes, but it’s all still the same as hundreds of years ago.

The same goes for just about every possible drink out there, from gin to tequila each has their own traditions that have survived through the years.

I don’t really know why I really dig them, but I can’t really help myself. It’s a connection to the past in a way. It’s a bit of steadiness in an uncertain place and time.

It really is kind of cool.