Today I picked up my new iPhone — the 5S model from the Apple store. I arrived at around 5:15 in the morning. I walked by the tents sleeping bags around the block and sat down on the curb at the end of the line. I started reading Good Omens on my Kindle.

I had perhaps 300 people in front of me in line. It was dark and we were curved around the block. Eventually they got us to move out of the drive that the line had been blocking.

Another hour passes and folks from Apple came around with some drinks and nuts to keep people sated. I had a Frappuccino and some cashews.

Later on, around 7:00 another cart came through giving out cards for 5C’s. It turns out that few people were in line for that. Presumably everyone that wanted one just pre-ordered it for delivery today. Today was all about the 5S.

As the next half hour passed the line compacted as people were packing up their camp sites. At 7:30 the cart started to come around again with 4S cards. The gold ones quickly sold out — within the first 50 people. Next to go were the silver in another 100. Space gray was all that was left — which didn’t bother me since that’s what I wanted in the first place.

Then, at 5-till-8 the Apple team strode by giving out high fives.

The line started moving shortly after that.

By 9:30 I was walking out with a new phone!

– = –

I have to say that I like it. The fingerprint reader works well. The camera is good. Things feel like before, but just all better.