This is stupid geeky today, so if you’re not into that, feel free to just skip it. You’ve been warned.

My bedroom, for some reason, was in a dead spot in my WiFi network. It mostly worked, but sometimes it didn’t. When it wasn’t working I got pissed off.

Today I decided to do something about it and picked up another AirPort with better wireless. I walked into the Apple store (same one as yesterday) and picked up an AirPort Extreme to replace(-ish) my old four-year-old one. Setup was a breeze and I moved my old one to the living room to add extra fill there as a wireless extender. But that review is for another day.

As I was setting things up I noticed the IPv6 setting on the AirPort setup utility. That got me thinking.

Hmmm… “I’m on Comcast, I wonder if they support it?”

A quick google got me to a page that claimed that they did!

Ok, then, let’s turn it on and see what the hell happens!

Hot damn! I pulled an IPv6 address! Sweet! Step 1: accomplished!

Next: does it work?

There are a couple test sites for it and I checked with all of them and get something that looks like this:


I didn’t even have to touch my computer at all. (Computer in question in this case is a MacBook Air on OS 10.8. I even tried on my iPad and sure enough that worked too!

Just for fun I tried an old laptop running Windows 7 and that worked without a hitch either!

All I had to do was check “Automatic” and “Enable IPv6 Connection Sharing” and the rest just worked. Talk about a win!

Honestly, going into this I was expecting a mountain of pain that would lead to nothing but pain. I wasn’t even entertaining the idea that just turning it on would work. But it did.

I’m curious if I’m unique, or if this is characteristic of Apple networking gear. Does anyone else have any experience with this?

If you need a hand I’ll gladly step up just to what else is out there and how it works. I’m curious about this now.