Well, not really, but that’s what it feels like.

So my motorcycle was a bit hard to start in the cool mornings lately. It had a habit of running rough for the first minute or two and a bit down on power. If I gave it a handful of throttle it would often stall until things warmed up a bit more. More worryingly, every few weeks it would die when I pulled the clutch in when the engine was running above 4,000 rpm (use case: pulling into a red light). This wasn’t a new symptom as this was happening before moving out here as well.

One thing I noticed is that if I pulled in the clutch and it didn’t stall the revs would dip a bit below idle before correcting up to a normal 1,000-ish tickover. I had a hunch.

My idea was the fuel system had a bit of an issue.


I ordered it over the weekend and it came in today. I promptly dumped a third of the bottle into my tank, shook things up and went for a ride.

The bike was smoother than ever and the issue with the revs dropping below idle was completely gone in a few miles. I rode it around for the better part of an hour just tooling around with no issues — some of the pinging was gone as well (use case: accelerate up a hill in way too high a gear lugging the engine). After letting the bike cool for a few hours it had none of the starting hesitation either!

This stuff is pure magic in a bottle!

Google it — this isn’t snake oil!

If you’re having a rough engine, you might want to give Red Line SI-1 a try. I don’t make the stuff… I just wanted to share a positive experience with it!

The science of it is pretty cool too. Mainly a very strong solvent: PolyEther Amine. The stuff really does work.