I got the Sonos I was so impatiently waiting for today.

It came with the standard Sonos packaging. Nice. Apple-like.


First impression I got from unpacking it is that it’s a lot heavier than it looks. It’s really quite hefty.

The Play:1 is a lot smaller than the Play:3 that was there before.

Setup was easy. Just attach to the rest of the Sonos net by pushing two buttons. It did a quick firmware update on the new unit and that’s all she wrote.

The rubber meets the road with sound since that’s the whole deal.

My first impression is that it sounds great. It’s mono only, but for the bathroom it’s plenty good. It has a lot more bass than I was expecting as well. I’ll report back after living with it a few days, but I expect it’ll be positive.

– = –

I’m writing up an overall review of Sonos as well, and why I like it compared to the alternatives. More on that later!