During the run-up to the great cross-country trip of 2008 I purchased an iPhone 3G to replace the piece of crap Windows phone that I was issued from work. I was so amazed by it that the halo effect took hold and I picked up a MacBook to take with me on the trip.

It has a lot of miles on it and the plastic is starting to show a bit of wear as well.

I still have a memory of it sitting on the grass in Wyoming at the rally next to a post with power. I had to shoo some ants out of the CD-ROM slot. Good times. It’s been Ennie’s computer for a while now.

It’s a five-year-old beast. It’s been out of dat for a while now and it’s too old to get updates of the OS. It works, but it’s definitely getting long in tooth.

When I un-cocked the trigger on the Leica, I simultaneously pulled the trigger on a MacBook.

Ennie will get an Air which will run circles around the old white MacBook. I’ll move to the newly announced retina MacBook Pro… when it gets in.  :-)