I got an email yesterday with one of those software bundle promotions. This one was from Productive Macs.

I have to say I’m typically a sucker for bundles. If there’s one or two pieces of software in there that I like there’s a damn good chance that what I’m looking for is cheaper than the price of the bundle. Whee!

This bundle had two packages I was interested in. I’ll take a look at one of them today: Vitamin-R.

The gist of it is you break up your day into easy, bite-sized chunks of time and then work through them, hopefully without distractions. I’ve heard of the pomodoro technique before, but somehow I needed a kick in the pants to really try it out. In my two days of playing with it I have to say I’ve felt my productivity go up quite a bit. Somehow each of the goals, when broken up into smaller pieces, gets done. I like getting to the end and then taking the quick break to do whatever else.

A feature that I like is the integration with the calendar on my machine. When I’m setting up the next time slice, it shows me my calendar to let me know if I’m planning on top of another meeting or something.

Something else I’m looking to try out is the logging and detailed analysis of when you’re better or worse at concentrating at the task at hand.

Yes, you can call my kooky, but I like data. I like to think that I can run my life in a pretty data-driven fashion and this is one added tool in my toolbox.

If nothing else I can open it the next day and try to figure out what I did for our sprint standup in the morning.  :-)

I’m committed to using this for a few weeks and I’ll report back with a progress report on it. So far though, I’m liking it.