I’ve been using Adobe products for a while now. The main one I use now is Lightroom — mainly due to not having a full license the rest of the package. I’m looking to change that, but that’ll be a part two at some point.

This is about security.

A bit over a month ago somehow someone screwed the pooch at Adobe around the security of their e-commerce site. They leaked not hashed, but encrypted passwords.

A few days later I got a call from my credit card company saying they need to give me a new number.

In real life this happened in the opposite order. I got the call and a new credit card, the next week I got a letter (in the USPS mail) from Adobe with a mea culpa, then I learned of the aforementioned big time pooch screwing.

All that being said, Adobe does a good job with their products, for the most part. If you take Flash out of the picture, they seem to be just about as good as you can get at the moment in terms of the creative arts. I’ve used Lightroom for years now and absolutely love it. I’ve used Photoshop in the past and it does a stellar job. Same with Illustrator.

Their security, on the other hand, can use a bit of the same treatment though.

I hear complaints about Creative Cloud saying it’s expensive, but compared to their old Master Collection, it seems a bargain. Like I said though, part two.