I have had a lot of changes in my life in the past couple of years. New job, moving, new car. The works.

After I got the Subaru I went shopping for insurance as well. Having worked in the industry I know that insurance is something you have to shop for every once in a while. It’s highly regulated so you really can have apples-to-apples comparisons of the products and know that whatever protection you’re buying really is up to snuff.

No problem.

I had Allstate when I was in Cleveland since they were the cheapest at the time. Shopping around here in Seattle led me to Geico and I purchased a policy from them. The day before my Allstate policy was due for renewal I called them up and non-renewed the policy.

This was June 2nd — a Sunday.

I wasn’t really surprised when I saw a charge on my checking account on the 5th that Allstate took the money out as if I had renewed. Processes get kicked off and are on autopilot. I expected, but annoyingly didn’t check, that a few days afterward the transaction would be reversed.

A week ago I got a packet from Allstate.

It was a renewal for my auto policy.


A renewal for the policy I had canceled.

I check my Keybank statements and sure enough the cash only went in one direction.

Calling up Allstate, thankfully, confirmed that they noted that I had called to cancel the policy. The rep was just as surprised as I was that the policy was still active.

So, on top of the recent stress here at home, I needed to fix this screwup as well.

I’m just happy that they have a record of my call because otherwise I’d be pushing shit up a hill with a pointy stick. At least I’ve found  random $530.