I was sitting in my office today chatting to a friend of mine when a plane was coming in a bit low. Now you have to know something about Seattle; we have lots of planes. There’s an honest-to-god international airport with SeaTac– two if you count Boeing Field. We have the myriad of seaplanes buzzing about. General aviation makes up another large part of it. The a pretty healthy serving of helicopters hovering rounds out the mix.

The plane that was headed due west, right toward my window (ok, if my window were 3000 feet higher) didn’t fall into any of those categories. It was certainly a jet and not a prop or turboprop plane. It had four engines, two more than the typical allotment for a commercial jet.

And it was kind-of bloated looking.

As it banked left, no doubt coming in for an approach on Boeing Field. I checked the published approach procedures but I couldn’t find anything that matched. I’m quite confident that they were quite a bit low for a normal landing at SeaTac.

My first guess was a C-17. A Google search quickly confirmed my suspicion.

Creative Commons licensed photo of a C-17 from the US Air Force.

En was down in Fremont and she noticed it as well.

“Oh no, the invasion has begun!” said Holly.

This got us talking about what various cities would do in the case of invasion… a bit more talking with Ennie got me this list so far. I want a bigger list though so please comment!

Seattle – Would ignore them for a while then eventually try to get them a minimum wage job. You know, collaborate.

Cleveland – Couldn’t be bothered to notice over complaining about the Browns and the Indians.

Hawaii – Would take a week to notice and comment “that’s not very aloha, brah.”

New York City – Quickly would outlaw invasions by more than seven invaders at a time. After the law was passed would pat themselves on the back satisfied that the law would be plenty.

Los Angeles – A riot breaks out. Eventually the invaders are scared away without most of the residents even noticing.

Berkley – Protests break out all over the city. Nothing productive happens though.

San Francisco – VCs would quickly look for a profit angle and an exit strategy with an IPO at the back end.

Washington D.C. – The Democrats and Republicans, while both against the invaders, can’t agree on what to do. Each side would rather go down than give in.

Detroit – Invaders wonder where the city went.

Texas – *bang* What invaders? Barbecue y’all?

Oakland – Invaders make the mistake landing in the middle of a Raiders game. Get killed in the crossfire because they were wearing the wrong color shirt.

Athens, Ohio – Invaders attack on Halloween weekend. Quickly get set on fire without anyone noticing.

Comment and add more!  :-D