A friend and I just got back from taking a welding class. It was really a 101-style class. I didn’t take pictures or anything since I didn’t really have a chance (nor did I want my phone to get hit with slag!)

It was a pretty good intro. There was some high-level theory and then it went on to actually playing with metal and electricity! While the instructor (Rusty IIRC) went over MIG, TIG and stick welding, we didn’t play with anything other than MIG — both gas shielded and flux core. We also played with a plasma cutter. And really, who doesn’t like to cut with plasma?

I think I did pretty well at it. I wasn’t playing as much as just trying to make neat butt-welds. I managed to make a couple on thin stock with a flux-core that was set up for stock that was over twice as thick and only got a little blow-through. Rusty seemed impressed with it.

Now I just need to have some excuse to weld… I wonder.

Of course if I ever get something, the main reason I’d want it for is to weld up aluminum, so I’d need to go TIG if I really want to do it right.

Fun! I think I need to take some more classes and see what I can learn about this new world. :-)