I’m writing this in the air while flying out to Cleveland. Flying from Seattle with a stop in Chicago where we rush from gate to gate with only half an hour to spare.

It’s something that I’ve given a lot of thought to. I was born there. I grew up in Cleveland. I met my wife in Cleveland. Cleveland, up until a year and a half ago was basically my everything.

I was asked at work yesterday if I felt any attachment to the place I spent almost all of my time at or if it’s someplace I like to visit.

A bit of thought later: “No.” I’ve never felt like Cleveland was my place. It wasn’t my home. It didn’t feel like it anyway, more existed than anything. I don’t wish ill upon the city, but I’m no great fan either.

If not for family being there, the chance of me thinking “hey, I want to go to Cleveland” is zero.

From getting together with peeps though, I have to say I miss them…