When we arrived in Cleveland yesterday we went to the rental desk of Budget to pick up the car we reserved. Once we got through the asinine high-pressure up-sell tactics of the desk jockey (OMG Snowmagedon is upon us!! Are you sure you don’t want to upgrade to an SUV for $45 a day more?)… pass… we were informed that the pitiful sub-compact we’d have at our disposal is a Fiat 500.


I would’ve picked this over most other cars anyway — especially after having driven one!

This is an awesome little car. It has a “back seat” that I’m not sure anyone but a small child could use — storage space for us. But even this base model has a surprising amount of pep. I’m sure the low weight has a lot to do with it, but the 1.4l engine does a great job. I’m also really impressed by both the nimble steering with good feedback and some surprisingly good brakes.

Now, I’m not in a rush to up and replace the new Subaru since I don’t think this could be our only car… but I’m more than a little impressed by this little critter.

Would I want to drive this more than a lumbering SUV that weighs twice as much? I think I might even say yes for all except the most dire snow storms. Then, just stay inside!