Ennie and I have done a couple of World Tours at the Winking Lizard Tavern before we had left for Seattle. Our typical routine was to head in and knock off a few of the bears every time we were heading home from going shooting, which we would do weekly for the most part.

In 2012 we got the news in April that we’d be leaving in May. We were only a third of the way through the tour and we’d need another bunch to get through it. We did it — by take-out bottles.

The folks there knew us and it was like walking into the bar in Cheers almost.

Today, we went back for a quick visit. The manager remembered us — and that I had broken my leg (in 2011!) and our waitress too. It was nice. Homey. I missed this place.

Bee-Bee the lizardWe also missed Bee-Bee the lizard! :-D (She was renamed from BeBe after too many people mispronounced her name making her self conscious)

Whenever we would go we would always say hi to her. We knew her handler and she really takes good care of the lizards. The lizards themselves are mostly cast-off pets that are rescued and given a nice big home to live in.

Too bad we can’t do a tour in one day — and survive to tell the tale.