It’s been a pretty nice vacation out here in Cleveland for the most part. We saw a lot of our friends that we wanted to see, not everyone unfortunately. We met with our families and hung out pretty successfully,

The cold and dry weather isn’t really agreeing with me. This isn’t a surprise since this is how it felt like every winter here in Cleveland. The nose bleeds and epically dry skin isn’t something I’m a fan of. En came down with something before we left and while the main symptoms have cleared up, every time she’s gone outside it triggers a relapse of a coughing fit.

Like old times. Like I said, this is how I remember it; this isn’t me getting soft. This is me now having a reference to compare things to.

With as much bad press as Seattle gets about its weather, I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to not having my body seem like it’s revolting against myself.

We got some small gifts for the most part. We’re both happy that we’ll still be able to go with only carry-ons on the way home. We packed smart enough to have some extra volume and weight left over to carry more back than we’d come with. :-)

Now, to actually get it accomplished!