A few weeks back my friend Holly was flying in from Chicago and I took an iPhone snap of her plane.

It was pretty terrible.

Today she was flying in from Phoenix and I joked that I would stalk her. My guess was the planes were landing to the south, and a quick check of FlighAware confirmed my suspicions.

I looked at the map (this is from after she landed, but you can imagine where the plane was and saw it headed towards me.

Ennie and I headed out to the porch immediately after the plane made the turn left over Lake Washington.

Sure enough, it was headed right for us!

The odds were stacked against me to take a good enough picture. It’s dark and I’m shooting at 400mm f/5.6 pushing the camera to ISO 6400 hand-held at 1/20s. (I did have IS trying to make things better though)

But I did get one OK shot.

You can tell it’s an Alaska Air plane based on the native Alaskan on the tail… but not a whole lot else.

But it’s infinitely better than just three pixels.  :-D