When we were flying back and forth to Cleveland a few weeks back I took my new laptop — a Retina MacBook Pro.

I was futzing around with learning iOS development and was flipping back and forth between docs and Xcode. I’m typically pretty OCD about plugging in my computer if I’m near an outlet, and of course in this case I wasn’t near an outlet. This comes from years of laptops with 2-4 hour battery lives.

Somewhere between Seattle and Chicago I looked down.


I had already used it for around 90-120 minutes at this point. Sure, it’s not doing any significant number crunching beyond the occasional compile and running of the iPad emulator, but to see over 12 hours of life remaining was stunning.

And I believe it too.

I had the same experience flying back too — at one point I think I saw 13 hours. (!)

This is an improvement I can really get behind. Previously my old MacBook Pro (15″) was good for around 3-4 hours if you’re being careful. The MacBook Air was good for perhaps 7. To get a transpacific runtime is a game changer.

Oh, and it’s still light as well.

I am more than impressed with this package!