As the odometer of the calendar loops around another time people consider what was, and what perhaps will be coming.

Somehow right now I’m just rather content.

Is it defeatist to say that you are content?

In some ways it might very well be — like if you’re not looking to grow in any way from where you are.

I think I’m in a different place myself. I’m happy with where I am and I’m curious to see where I’m going from here. I’m reveling in the relationships I have with those around me. I’m happy at work. I’m still trying to grow in other ways like learning new skills — both programming and otherwise. Of course, like most of America I’m looking to loose a bit of weight.

Somehow, in all that, I can look around me and smile. Somehow I’m rather happy.

I’m sure part of it is living here in Seattle compared to Cleveland. Seattle just suits me better and the attitude is more in line with who I am. But I’m also happy with how things are going in general.