A while ago at work we got some devices that hadn’t been announced at the time. This isn’t surprising at all considering where I work. In fact you could probably expect that for the most part.

Also not surprising since things on a need-to-know basis is that our device was shrouded in a janky boxy case to prevent even us from knowing what the thing looked like at all.

That was then.

The device was launched (The Kindle Fire HDX and the rest of that batch) a few months ago.

The janky cases remained.

With permission from my manager I was given the go-ahead to take them off.

At first I looked into the hole and thought I saw an internal hex. No prob, I have a bunch of allen keys. Nope. I looked closer… Torx? Nope. I wedged in a small slotted driver and took out a screw for a better look.

It turned out to be security Torx. You know, the type that has a post in the middle to prevent you from using a regular torn driver on it.

(Other than the fact that a slotted driver work too… never mind that fact)

So, I just go tot he toolbox and get that driver. It’s the first time I needed one of these driver, but sure enough I had the driver bit in a set I got from my father-in-law a few years back.

Win!  :-D

This wasn’t the first time the weird driver set came in handy. The first time I needed a tri-wing screw to adjust the trackpad on a MacBook.

I like have the right tools! It makes me happy. And even though you can quite rightly say I’m a tool hoarder (would that make me a tool slut?), you can’t argue with the results!