On Monday morning I walked outside to go to work and started suiting up ready to get on the bike.

Standing by my bike I looked up the hill and watched a cyclist cresting the hill and she rode down followed by a couple of cars. By this time my ear plugs are in and my helmet on. The cars started backing up and looking over my left shoulder I saw her on the ground.


She wiped out on a straight downhill.


I can’t just leave.

She was around 30 feet down the hill and across the street. Walking on the slope of the hill I nearly slipped myself.

It turned out that the hill was covered on hoarfrost. She must’ve touched the brakes and lost it.

Checking on her she turned out to be OK, it a bit banged up. “Yeah, that’ll bruise.”

– = –

Sometimes when I’m driving in sketchy conditions I sometimes hit the rear brake to see how much it’ll take to kick on the ABS. This time around it didn’t take much at all — in fact I didn’t slow at all with the application of the rear brake.

I’m happy the next street over is a main street. Aurora has enough traffic that any frost would have been long gone. Tiptoeing down the hill it all turned out OK. I figured if I was able to walk on the hill the bike, with a lot bigger contact patch, would be able to make it as well.

I’m happy I estimated right.

– = –

At least it wasn’t as bad as when I got to Holly when it started to sleet.


I told most of the story already… I’m sure I’ll tell more as time passes.  ;-)