So, you probably heard that my lovely wife’s position has been made redundant at Entercom — she’s been laid off.

In many ways though I’m not really that worried. Neither for us, nor her.

Seattle is an interesting place with tons of activity and startups continually starting up. You can choose to concentrate on the big players like Amazon or Microsoft or the flotilla of healthcare institutions. In many ways the exciting stuff is going on with the small folks — the players that are hungry and looking to eat into the pie that’s held by the biggies.

The cool thing is we’re in a position that risks can be taken without a lot of worry. A roll of the dice can lead to some interesting adventures, or at least a good amount of resume fodder. (Don’t’cha know that most startups fail?)

The big players though got big by playing big. I checked the internal job posting board at Amazon and found hundreds of positions that are more-or-less up her alley. We’ll start to triage those over the weekend. The even better thing is I can ask the folks in my HR for some advice as well — both near me and far afield in Amazon (as long as it’s still in Seattle). As for Microsoft, their shuttle almost drive by our place!

I think this might be a good thing for us all.