At work today — it’s a long sorted story of school and physics — we started talking about tops and gyroscopes. One of my co-workers tried to explain the top she had growing up in India. It was a top that you wind a bit of string around and throw it sideways like a yo-yo on it’s side.

She was trying to explain this to another co-worker who only used tops that have either a spindle you twist with your fingers or one with the plunger mechanism that as you push it down it spins faster and faster.

Then she googled it.

“Rope top.”

Well, as it turns out none of the pictures were of a top. Honestly I was thinking I would see someone tied up or in suspension bondage or something. But it was all just odd stuff including the cover of a record…

Many of the other pictures were of wrestlers coming off the “top rope.”

It’s interesting when you stumble on a term you don’t know has significance elsewhere.

I did myself today as well.

My bike had some issues that I traced back to the transmission gear sensor potentiometer. Co-worker B snickered a bit more.

“Well, potent, in my language, means libido more or less. So you’re measuring libido?”

Yup. I guess… something like that.

More on the bike later… but it’s amusing at times.

Spin top string” gives much better results though.  :-)