Amazon is an interesting place to work. Our post-holiday party will feature Vampire Weekend as the musical act.


(Yeah, Amazon’s cool like that! :-P )

I’ve heard them before. If I recall correctly they played at Deck the Hall Ball presented by En’s former employer. They had a bit of air-play as well. In fact I added their song “Hey Ya” to my Favs playlist almost two weeks ago. Yep, before En’s sudden and unfortunate turn of luck.

But regardless.

So I RSVPed to the party. And I decided to immerse myself in their music.

And I fucking love them!

At this point I’m really starting to look forward to going to the party. Sure, some of my team will be there I’m guessing… but I’m also looking at some of the lyrics and I’m getting blown away.

Here’s a good example: Finger Back.


It’s almost rap-like. But I love the politics of it as well.

Well, back to immersion!  :-D