I was hanging with my friend Holly last night talking about blogging and such matters. She runs her own blog (which I’m sure you can find on your own) and was thinking about sprucing it up a bit.

This came on the tails of an SEO talk she went to that told her how to make things better in some ways.

– = –

It’s interesting to me to teach. I’ve done it before in a formal setting at Cuyahoga Community College many, many, moons ago. I’ve taught on a much more informal setting at work countless times.

In this case it’s on the informal side of things.

– = –

CSS was the topic of the day. It’s easy to break out in hives when something like that gets brought up. It can be intimidating, certainly.

But then, like with most things, when you start to break it down becomes a lot easier to grasp.

Yesterday was mainly about demystification. Background colors, fonts and borders mainly. Coda came through with a bit of magic for gradients. (No, I don’t memorize all of CSS!) Then we touched on the notion of the box model of CSS.

I don’t think I have to write a tutorial on CSS here. There’s plenty of them out there. But I got a kick out of teaching. Teaching is fun. Transferring information is such a cool thing. Watching the light flicker on is cooler still!