Yesterday I wrote about change.

Today, the change keeps rolling.

I helped my friend move from a tiny little place to something that suits her far more. I helped her move before. It was a sad day back then. It was moving from something that wasn’t working, and admitting as much to yourself.

Today was one of a lot more happiness. It was moving to a much better place. Moving from a basement (or was it ground floor? It’s hilly, so it kind of is both) sublet to her own place. The intermediate place was something that had a lot going for it, but the room mates left a bit to be desired. (Understatement)

Now: no roomies.


– = –

Much of the same gang showed up today to re-do the move. We learned a few things last time so it was a bit easier taking out all the stuff we brought in last time. You know, the tricks… like how to take out the recliner that was tough to get in.

– = –

As things change, some things seem a lot more constant. Like the friends and family you build up around you.